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Please check out some of our favourite links. Just click on the titles to open these websites in a separate window.

Cattle Links


The UK Luing Cattle Society 

Keeneys Corner - a cattle breeding forum 



Healthy Foods/Healthy Living


Weston A Price Foundation 



As we are no longer direct-marketing grass-fed beef and pasture pork I would like to recommend these alternate suppliers of high quality, healthy farm direct products, most of them using our Luing genetics:

Luna Field Farm, Belmont, Manitoba 

The Griebel family, (RedTail farms) Castor, Alberta

The Luce family, (Lucends Ranch) Crestomere, Alberta

The Biggs family (TK Ranch), Hanna, Alberta



Farm/Range and soil management


Acres USA   

Holistic Management

Rodale Institute 

Verge Permaculture  

The National Farmers Union (Canada) 


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