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Canadian Luing Association Newsletters

We have archived past editions of our Luing Association newsletters with main articles and author highlighted. To view any newsletter just click on the underlined volume number. If you would like to receive our newsletters by email as soon as they are published please get in touch and I'll add you to our emailing list. 

What Future for Beef? - Iain Aitken

Early Luings in Manitoba - Iain Aitken

Volume 16 No1 2022

The need for Breed Diversity - Iain Aitken

Luna Field Farm a grass based business built on Luings - Wian Prinsloo

Volume 15 No2 2021

An article on seed-stock selection by Dr Rick Bourdon

Volume 15 No1 2021

Beckton - Foundation herd of the Red Angus breed - Iain Aitken

How much bull development can ranchers afford? - Iain Aitken

Volume 14 No2 2020

Revisiting an article and advice from 45 years ago - Iain Aitken


Volume 14  No1 2020

Charlie Flick and the Snowlanders - Iain Aitken

Wanted! - Luing breeders. 

Volume 13  No2 2019

Breeder Profile : The Reesor Family - Iain Aitken

Heifer Development - Iain Aitken


Volume 13  No1 2019

Scurs in the Luing Breed - Iain Aitken

Cost Control Critical - Iain Aitken

Volume 12  No2 2018

The Economic Impact of Foraging Ability - Iain Aitken

Horns in the Luing Breed - Iain Aitken

Genetics of Bull Longevity - Iain Aitken


Volume 12  No1 2018

Environmental Adaptation of a Cowherd - Iain Aitken

Have Cow/Calf Producers Benefitted from Changing Genetics? - Glenn Webber

Want Increased Performance? Use Poor Quality Forage! - Iain Aitken

Volume 11  No2 2017

Breeder Profile: Dane Guignion - Iain Aitken

Have You Considered Fall Calving? - Iain Aitken

Volume 11  No1 2017

The Colors of Luing - Iain Aitken

The Advantages of Cross Bred Cattle - Iain Aitken

Does Temperment Play a Role in Breeding Success - Glenn Webber

Volume 10  No2 2016

Luings - 50 years on  - Iain Aitken 

Breeder Profile: The Van't Westeindes - Iain Aitken

Are Cows Getting a Bad Rap - Glenn Webber

Volume 10  No1 2016

Cow Efficiency – Iain Aitken

What Does Social Licence have to do with Raising Cattle – Glenn Webber

The Rest of the Story? – Glenn Webber


Volume 9  No1 2015

Founding Member Profile – Bob Church – Iain Aitken


Volume 8  No2 2014

Luing – Ideal for Grass-Fed Production – Iain Aitken

An Alternative Beef Production System – Iain Aitken


Volume 8  No1 2014

Why Choose Luings? – Glenn Webber

Critiquing the Purebred Mainstream – Iain Aitken


Volume 7  No1 2013

Why Luing Bulls are Reasonably Priced - Jeff Longard

Feed Efficiency and the Cow Herd – Iain Aitken


Volume 6  No2 2012

Luing in an Extreme Environment – Iain Aitken

Commercial Advantages to Crossbred and Purebred Cattle - Jeff Longard

Further Thoughts on Close –Breeding – Iain Aitken


Volume 6  No1 2012

A Planned Systematic Approach To Cattle Breeding – Iain Aitken


Volume 5  No2 2011

Creation of a Breed – Iain Aitken


Volume 5  No1 2011

The Limitations of Genetic Change - Jeff Longard

Back to Genuine Genetic Progress – Iain Aitken


Volume 4  No1 2010

In spite of it all, we’re still raising Luing - Jeff Longard

What future Canada’s grazing lands – Iain Aitken


Volume 3  No2 2009

Always Back-pedalling – Jeff Longard

Rethinking Breed Choices – Iain Aitken


Volume 3  NoI 2009

Luing – A Valuable Source of Genetic Diversity – Iain Aitken

Getting off the Bandwagon – Iain Aitken


Volume 2  No2 2008

Beef, Banana Leaves and Breeding - Jeff Longard 

The Case for Line Breeding – Iain Aitken


Volume 2  No1 2008

Luings Are The Best… For What? - Jeff Longard 

Message From the Secretary – Iain Aitken


Volume 1  No1 2007

What’s Canadian About Luing – Jeff Longard

Why Luings? – Iain Aitken

Selecting Cattle For Efficiency - Jeff Longard 


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